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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Saturday  NBC  October 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending.
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right now on news channel 8 at 11:00. donald trump's running mate brings the campaign to tampa. weeks away from the election, he is promising a victory. also tonight, another spill at mosaic. the plant is reporting tens and thousands of gallons of processed water has leaked. good evening, everyone, i'm rod carter. thank you so much coverage of the 2016 election. it was a packed house at the hilton in tampa. presidential candidate, governor mike pence. chip is joining us live from downtown tampa with the very latest. chip, the general election is less than a month away. it's crunch time for both parties. >> reporter: clearly, rod, that was the purpose of tonight's dinner, to energize
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to hopefully energize undecided voters. >> governor mike pence promises if donald trump is elected the next president, they will help make america great again. >> because you have nominated a man for president who never quits. who never backs down. he is a fighter. he is a winner. and it seemed like for a long time, he was out there fighting his own, but as i trofl this country, i can see this party is comto florida republican party leaders, he was preaching to the choir. >> i encourage you, if you're inclined to do what the pence's do, if you bow the head, if you bend the knee, good time to do it. >> the event aimed at motivating the gop faithful, and judging by how some celebrated tonight, it worked. >> oh my gosh, i'm so pumped up. i was already pumped up, but
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>> what you are seeing is 50 states having these kind of dinners to really get down to the grass roots and grass roots for the republican party is really spreading where is what i like to say, the democrats are astroturf. >> we have work to do, florida, let's go get it done and we'll see you for a great, great victory on november 8. thank you and god bless you all. >> and senator marco rubio alsop from here, governor pence has campaign stops in north carolina and ohio. and rod, you can bet with the general election less than a month away, you can bet that these candidates are going to be chris crossing florida. >> florida is always a very important swing state. i know we'll see more of them in the coming days. chip is reporting for us, thank you. the democratic nominee for vice president was in the sunshine
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voter registration event and use that moment to go after donald trump. >> he encouraged americans to get out and vote, insisting they need to beat trump by a quote, clear margin. kaine called trump a bully and a loser. >> donald trump realizes he is losing, and hillary clinton definitely made him realize in that first debate, that he was a loser. >> the nominees told voters even when he blames others for losing. in new hampshire today, donald trump once again reiterated he thinks the election is rigged. >> instead of being held accountable, hillary is running for president in what looks like a rigged election. okay. it looks to me like a rigged election. >> trump accused the media of pushing false accusations against him so hillary clinton can become president.
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transcripts. let everybody see it. >> bernie sanders demanded that hillary clinton release the speeches she gave and now those speeches are out. clinton's campaign blames russia for the hacks and pointed the finger at donald trump for it. but, this release revives concerns that bernie sander supporters had that clinton is too close to wall street. the last presidential debate, by the way, is just a few days las vegas. next week to cover that. it happens on wednesday. so be sure to tune into news channel 8 for live coverage. also, billy bush's departure from nbc could be announced as early as monday. bush has been off the air since he was caught in tape in lewd conversations with donald trump earlier this month. bush's attorney says that the negotiations are moving along and the network may still have to pay the anchor millions of dollars because of obligations. all right, now to a story
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to tell you about. the company is reporting a recirculating pump at its plant city facility, failed and that released approximately 50,000 gallons of processed water. does claim there's no offsite impact. of course, you remember last month, the sink hole swallowed more than 200 million gallons of radioactive water. following that incident, governor rick scott issued an emergency ruling that requires polluters to notify the protection. all local governments and the public of any pollution incidents. >> less than 24 hours after a deadly shooting in lakeland, the gunman turned himself in. police broke up several fights at rumors nightclub. the crowd spilled over to the chevron gas station on west memorial boulevard. investigators say derek deon robinson started shooting into the crowd. he is now in jail and officers believe he shot and killed 39-
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wounded regans. he is charged with first-degree murder. >> right now, the pasco county sheriff's office is looking for a man who tried to get a 15- year-old girl into his van. that teen decided not to get inside the van and investigators say the suspect was driving an older model blue van on bartlet road. the suspect is a white male, bald, from 30 to 50 years old. anyone with information is urged to call the sheriff's office. almost one year later and there's still no arrests from this frightening night. one person was killed and several others hurt at the zombie themed festival in fort meyers. now detectives interviewed hundreds of witnesses. they examined, looked at tons of images and videoing from that killing. on monday, that will be one year since those shootings and so far, no one has been arrested. we now know the name of the
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collided with a car in the southbound lanes of the 8500 block of u.s. 19. witnesses tell us that reid was pulling wheelies and driving wrecklessly at the time. the driver of the car was not hurt, but his daughter was hurt a little bit. she has minor injuries. the driver is not facing any charges at this time. >> hurricane matthew continues to devastate parts of the southeast and tonight, two more deaths are being blamed on that storm in north carolina. their bodies were found inside to 43. >> tension very high in haiti after united nations peace keepers clash with people who live there in an area destroyed by matthew. about 100 people started throwing rocks when trucks arrived with food. haitian police officers and un workers used tear gas to scatter that crowd. thousands of residents are in desperate need of aid to repair their communities after that hurricane hit the haiti area.
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orange county, it sparked a massive search. now its owner is no longer allowed to have venomous snakes, but there's a catch. mike kennedy eventually found his king cobra. it was in his neighbor's garage. the fwc claims this was the third time kennedy lost a venomous snake, so his license was revoked. they gave him 30 days to get rid of them all. tomorrow, makes 30 days. that's a deadline. here's the catch. it turns out, his wife has a permit and probably stay exactly where they are. a disturbing fight caught on camera. tonight, a female police officer is beaten. coming up after the break, we'll show you the dashcam video and show you how all of this happened. a teenager dies in juvenile lockup. what detectives say led to his death. >> it was another warm day and we had a few showers and thunderstorms. we could see a few more of those storms as we head into
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graphic dash cam video is being released out of chicago that shows a man severely beaten a female police officer. >> he threw her down, he started punching her, like if she was a punching bag.
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the officer. everybody was like, get off of her. let her go. and even other people got off their cars and trucks to help and he wouldn't let her go at all. >> the officer suffered a concussion, bone chips to her shoulder, a neck and a wrist injury. and had bits of concrete actually pulled from her face. this man is 28-year-old, parta. he was high on pcp. a dallas police officer recovering tonight after a two others dead. the officer was shot in the foot while investigating an unrelated crime nearby. the suspect in another man died. a third man involved in that shooting is in stable condition tonight. a disappointing ruling for the families of those killed at sandy hook. a connecticut judge just dismissed a lawsuit that families of shooting victims filed against a gun manufacturer. adam lanza killed six teachers on september 14, 2012.
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this happened at a juvenile facility. detectives in philadelphia say staffers restrained the boy because he was barricading himself and parents are trying to figure out how they are get children out of that facility because they don't trust that they are going to be safe. >> coming up, a look at your weekend forecast ahead, ed will
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. e this message
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now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar ando with meteorologist, ed bloodsworth. >> we are tracking one lone shower this morning. most of the activity is already pushed out into the gulf of mexico. but within the last couple of minutes, one thin line of shower activity popped up here. this is northern portions of pasco county. there's shady hills and this shower is gently heading in that direction. so low top shower, no lightning with it here. going up 15 to 20,000 feet.
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back towards the coast and the rain chances should start to wind down completely within the next hour. then we'll look at additional chance for rain as we go into the next couple of days. take a look at some beautiful photos, nice sunset. u sending us that beautiful picture, and then tonight, it was a super moon. we had a couple of those from seabring, and our good friend, jackie from tampa as well. be sure to send us all of your photos. when you wake up tomorrow, u' passing clouds. northeast winds will continue. 81 by noon tomorrow. we'll call it partly cloudy with a steady east breeze. and a few more showers and thunderstorms developing by the afternoon. temperatures not quite as warm as today. with a little bit more cloudiness, 85 degrees. 78 now for mcdill. a mix of middle and upper 70s.
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towards north port. so, we had a lot of this red on top of us. we had a lot of dry air today. that limited the shower and thunderstorm coverage. but now you can see it is some blue in areas of green, moisture starting to increase, and that's going to lead to the slightly better coverage of rain for tomorrow. not quite as much dry air aloft. but that doesn't last long. you see that red starting to roll back across the state. that dryer air returning for late monday into tuesday; so our rain chances are going high pressure off to the north and east, we'll have general east, northeasterly wind flow as we go through tomorrow. this evening, right on into tomorrow. anything that pops up will start on the east coast and make its way back towards the west coast. we'll see a few more showers and storms and also i think we'll see a better chance of seeing some lightning as well. with some of the storms tomorrow. monday morning, mainly dry for your monday morning commute. and then by the afternoon, again, rain chances will be
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long-term, dew points are going to stay fairly high, but then by the end of the week, that's when the next cold front slides in and that one could pack a significant punch, bringing us very dry air and some cooler temperatures. that's reflected in your eight- day forecast. we'll have 10% rain chances. climbing back to 30% by thursday and friday, and the weekend is still up in the air. by this point, it's looking cooler and dryer. >> that's a absolutely. coming up, the lightning fall into an early deficit. another early deficit. they are looking to rally for a second straight win. plus, the bulls seek bowl eligibility tonight at rj. highlights are coming your way
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands.
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than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. okay, you know i was your governor. but there' s some things you may not know. my hair used to be way better. my dad was a doctor here for 55 years. i swim every morning. and yes, i'm a fan of fans! and in congress i'll get things done for pinellas county. i'll protect social security and medicare, defend women's healthcare and planned parenthood, and take care of our veterans. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message. because i'll put the people first.
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bulls, bulls, bulls, bulls. i believe you met. last year, actually, but south florida head coach wants bowl eligibility to be the norm at usf. back to back would be a nice start. the university of south florida hosting tonight. the bulls one win away from punching their post season ticket and equaling their best start in school history. quinton, consider him all in on that idea.
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run. the huskies came back to take the lead in the third, but q is a ten-point scrabble letter for a reason. a third rushing touchdown for quinton flowers. usf back on top, and he finds valdez. he is not always doing business, but always open. usf wins 42-27 and improving to 6-1 and becoming bowl eligible. keeping it in the american. ucf taking on temple. starting under center and smith. knights on top early. then in the second, more milton. i believe do you have my stapler. and milton is open 63 yards to get it. fast forward to the final ten seconds. central florida up. no timeouts. heartbreak city. bill walker, temple wins it on a last second touchdown.
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hosting wake forest. if that could talk, it would probably say, owe. 3-3 game in the 2nd. the demon deacons stumble and fumble in an attempt to punt. that would lead to a rushing touchdown to make it 10-3 florida state at the half. then in the third, he does it with his arm, tate gets up like he is watch ing a xa the hurricanes welcoming north carolina. the tar heels take a 23 lead into the locker room. thanks to a couple touchdown passes. the u bust out the rally caps in the third. joseph scores to get the kaines within 10. it's too little, too late. unc upsets miami. back under center for the gators for the first time since september 17. he was a little rusty against
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incompletions. lucky for him, drew also likes to throw to the other team. all american, jaylin with the pick 6. next, tigers possession, i guess it was so nice, they did it twice. this time, it was quincy wilson, 78 yards. florida mauls missouri, 40-14. in conference u.s.a. action, florida international, one-point win out of charlotte. things did not go so peachy keen for florida florida a&m picks up win number two. topping delaware state, dual threat, qb, ryan finley. ryan stanley rattling off 322 yards. finally, something on skates, the lightning hosting the new jersey devils. the second game of the season starts much like the first. with tampa bay in a 2-0 hole. just like they did against the
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then in the third, he is strong like bottom shelf vodka. the tip goal is the winner. the lightning take this one 3- 2. that's the way to start the year, 2-0. >> all right, sir, thank you. we'll be right back. to sample the world's most delicious fresh seafood dishes... you can take a boat sfx -- [boat bell] or a plane sfx -- [jet taking off] or a train sfx -- [train horn blowing] or you can just let us pack you a bag publix seafood cook-in-bag dinners choose your favorite seafood then choose the internationally inspired flavors to pair it with. pack a bag for adventure tonight at publix. where shopping is a pleasure. after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on
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demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending.
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tonight's winning lottery numbers, 3, 7. pick four, 9, power ball, 23, 49, 57, 64, 67, and the power ball number is 20. final look tonight, thousands of people ignored all the rain and walked through downtown tampa. the american diabetes association held the step out. one in 11 americans has diabetes and every 23 seconds someone is diagnosed.
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very important to raise awareness and raise money. >> goes to fund research, some of which happens right here at university of south florida and across the country at research centers. funds advocacy efforts and education. education is super important because there are so many people that are at risk for developing diabetes and don't know it. >> a big thank you to everyone out there. i was served as the mc, also sit on the diabetes board here locally. thank you so much next. have a gad night, everybody. ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> hello and welcome to the


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